Do you stock?

We do have a wide range of inventory. We also custom make wire rope sheaves to customer drawings and specifications.

What information is required before we contact you?

Drawings are appreciated although not required. If possible, take as many measurements as you can using our quote/order form.

How are your deliveries?

We not only quote same or next day, but can deliver very fast… same day on stock sheaves. We probably have the quickest deliveries in the industry for custom made sheaves.

What “add-ons’” are available?

Flame hardened grooves are an option as well as overall carburization. Plating and powder coatings on larger production runs.

Do you custom make?

Due to the specific nature of sheaves, we custom make to your specifications or drawings. We have some of the best deliveries in the industry.

Will you stock for our ongoing needs?

Yes, we can work together to achieve this.

What materials can you make our sheaves from?

Steel, stainless steel, aluminum, and nylon are the most common.

Can you complete the sheave with bushings or bearings?

Yes, on almost all orders our customers request that we supply and install the bushing or bearings.